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The eBUS System

There’s an enormous number of ways to make money online, with various degrees of ease or stress involved, an array of technical skills that may be required, and differing levels of likelihood of success. There’s programs out there that proclaim themselves shining examples of success when three students out of a hundred are able to make money. There's more than one that call themselves "beginner-friendly", but don't mention the fact that if that "beginner" isn't a math and/or software wiz, the learning curve is as steep as a double-black-diamond ski run.

If you’re anything like me, you’ve tried a lot of those programs. I hope you’re not too much like me, ‘cause I’ll be the first to recognize my severe Shiny Object Syndrome, and indulging those impulses is definitely not the quickest way to the top.

One of my very first online enterprises, luckily, was an eBay business, and I made a not-insignificant amount of money with that training program and the drop-shipping business I built with it. That success, short-lived though it was, opened my eyes and attuned my mind to the possibilities of online enterprise. I feel great sorrow for the large number of people who will never get past the "It's all a scam!" phase.

But eventually that success withered away; honestly, the I treated the endeavor far more like a hobby than a business, so I should’ve expected nothing less. If you take nothing else from reading this, PLEASE heed this: for your business to grow and thrive, youmust dedicate time to it regularly. And, always bear in mind the slow-and-steady cliché — it's infinitely better to spend one or two hours every day, every weekday even, and sustain that as long as necessary, than to get all gung ho for a weekend and then let your momentum dwindle.

As it went for me, I moved on to various shiny objects and, long story short, eventually came back to the eBay model years later, which is when I found eBUS.

The eBay Underground Sales (eBUS) system was created by master marketer Barry Plaskow in partnership with seven-figure eBay seller Serge Glowiczower. It’s a complete program for starting, building, and scaling a sustainable business, with step-by-step videos for everything from creating your first eBay account all the way through to customer service after you’ve made a sale. Along the way Serge covers every possible aspect and detail, in simple, easy-to-follow language. And it's truly beginner-friendly, in every way.

Key Features

• Complete course roadmap

• Over-the-shoulder videos with Serge guiding you every step of the way

• Done-for-you service to get you tons of free traffic and sales

• Access to a closed platform with over 1.5 million products you can sell, with more products added monthly

• Sell anywhere technology

• Ongoing live Q&A sessions with Serge, plus stellar customer support for any questions or problems you have

• Recordings of live trainings and masterminds

• Training videos in Hebrew available

• Money-back guarantee


Selling on eBay can involve a lot of moving parts. There’s creating accounts for eBay and Paypal, and getting your eBay account ready to sell. Then you need to know what to sell. This model uses dropshipping, so you never have to worry about having the product sent to you, for you to then ship to the buyer.

Instead, you list the product for sale, and once it sells, you buy it from your supplier and have them ship it to your buyer, and you keep the profits. Clearly this hands-off nature makes it attractive to many people, particularly now in the mid/post-Covid world.

But how do you know what to sell? How do you find those products? Where do you get them? What if your supplier suddenly runs out of stock?

These are just a few of the questions a successful eBayer has to answer — at least, that used to be true. But the eBUS system finds you those answers, as well as many more.

It used to be that research was one of the most frustrating and time-consuming aspects of selling on eBay, with people spending hours and hours searching before finding even one product worth pursuing.

The eBUS system takes care of that for you. Serge does show you how to find veins of gold by searching for yourself, but one of the best features of the program is the auto-lister.

Once your eBay account is ready for it, you want to list new items on your account on a regular basis. eBay sees this activity and rewards you with better placement in search results -- more on that in a minute.

This can be a tedious task, especially when each item you list requires x amount of research to find.

The auto-lister takes care of that for you, pushing a prescribed number of new listings to your eBay account daily, based on your account’s limits.

The higher your limits, the more items you can list every month, the more items you will sell, the more money you will make.

So how do you get high limits? Well that brings me back to the search results topic. You see, your eBay selling account’s status and health are all-important. The more successful sales you have, and the more feedback you get, the higher your placement will be in the results when a buyer comes to eBay looking for something you’re selling.

(That’s one of the best things about eBay - visitors to that site are there looking to buy. You don’t have to worry about marketing or advertising; perform well, and eBay will want to put you in front of buyers, because when you make a sale, eBay profits too.)

So you want to avoid negative feedback reviews. Just one of these can have a devastating impact on an eBay business, especially a young one. Fortunately, dealing with and removing these defects is another of the many topics Serge covers in eBUS.

But I can’t emphasize enough the phenomenal power of having an automated system post listing to your eBay account daily. That alone will drive your account on a steady upward trend.

It doesn’t stop there, though; this program couples the auto-lister with a monitor, making it as close to fully automated as possible. What this means is that once your items are listed, they have software which will keep track of the item’s stock with the supplier, making appropriate adjustments to your eBay account when it goes out of stock. It also alerts you to a sale; when that happens, all you have to do is click a couple buttons in the monitor to place the order, and the monitor takes care of shipping updates and tracking as well.

It honestly is pretty amazing the level of automation they’ve achieved with this system; once you’re all set up, you can probably run the business spending less than an hour a day. And all of the frustration and guesswork has been eliminated.

One last pro that shouldn't go unmentioned: the eBUS program's price point is very manageable, removing the biggest barrier for a lot of newbies thinking about jumping into the online money ocean.


There’s not a lot of bad to be said about this course. It does get down to the granular level, so unless you are a complete beginner, some of the material won’t be new to you. And there are a lot of videos to go through.

That said, it’s nice that none of the videos are too long. They’re all broken down into bite-sized chunks, with none of them being much more than 10 minutes, with the obvious exception of the recordings of live training webinars.

Another potential drawback is the monitor’s customer service; the only way to reach them is by email, and they don’t always respond to that immediately; at least, that was my experience once. But Barry’s customer support team are aces, and they’re generally able to help with the monitor as well, that was definitely true in my case.

Wrap-Up and Verdict

It probably won’t come as a surprise that I’m giving this program my whole-hearted recommendation. One of my very favorite things about it, what I absolutely LOVE, is that it’s far more than a training program.

Of course, it is that, and a great one too. Serge’s teaching style is warm and friendly, and you can tell he really cares about helping people create success.

But once you’ve finished the training, the automated software supports, and halfway runs, your business for you, allowing you to either build something great and then sit back and enjoy your profits, or keep building, and keep magnifying your income.

Because once you’ve got one eBay account rocking and rolling and delivering steady revenue … well, why not make another one? Then another, and another, and …

And, with Barry and Serge’s money-back guarantee, the whole thing is completely risk-free.

So there you have it, my honest, legit review of the eBUS system.

Whether you're an online greenhorn, a serial entrepreneur who hasn't quite made it work like I was, or even a seasoned vet just looking to add one more income stream, eBUS VIP can absolutely get you where you want to be.

Now, what are you waiting for? Smash that button below and get started on living your dreams!

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